All your tools are in a couple of 5 gallon buckets in the corner of the garage. You need the utility knife and you know its probably on the bottom, but you dig in any way to find it. You know this will lead to some blood letting. Whether you use peg board on the wall, or a rolling tool chest, put your tools in a proper storage place. Both for the sake of your tools and for the sake of your hands.

Your bench will be made from good heavy lumber and will end up very solid and strong because you will be doing a lot of banging and sawing on it. It will have a woodworking vise attached so you are able to hold your work securely as you work on it. These vises have lumber inserts so that you don’t damage your work as you hold it securely. It is important to have your work held for you as there is nothing worse than your work sliding about as you work on it. This is a good way to get a chisel through your hand and that is something we want to avoid.

Pull-ups – Pick any variation, and use a range of motion that brings you from a dead hang to a point where your eyes are level with the bar. Set a total rep goal, and do as many sets as it takes you to reach it. Once you are able to perform 15 reps with your body weight, start adding weight and setting new rep goals.

It’s a good idea to have a binder or two where you can store all your tools operating manuals. This way, you won’t lose them and they’ll be easily accessible.

The additional 2×4’s will now come into play as you create a frame for the top of your table. With four of your 2×4’s you’ll create the frame by nailing them onto the legs of your workbench. Each side will need to be properly measured so that they match the actual surface, and you will need to do the same approximately ten inches from the bottom of the frame with the other four 2×4’s. This will create a solid structure for the table, and then you may proceed to nail the surface to the structure. If you want, you can place another piece of plywood on the support beams at the bottom so that you have an extra shelf. Wasn’t that easy?

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Since you are starting out with woodworking as a spare-time activity. So why not construct your own bench? This will afford you useful experience and will become among the most used item in your workshop! There are lots of free simple Woodworking benchon the internet. Find the one that fits your needs and kickoff your shop with a project you built yourself!

An easy to maintain material is ideal for your worktop, especially if you have kids who may accidentally leave wet marks on the surface or drop food. A surface like glass that marks easily is probably not the right one for you. Laminate surfaces may work well, if you want a non-staining surface. If hygiene is your main concern, you can choose from some of the anti-bacterial worktop materials available in the markets today.

Today a good workbench will come in all shapes and sizes. It may be a small foldable one that can be taken from job to job or it may be heavy furniture like piece with drawers and cabinets, which is a permanent fixture in someone’s workshop. Often the permanent woodworking benches have a standard top and their counter height is normally about 36″ from the ground. This is ideal for many woodworking projects, but if you want you can purchase an adjustable bench. This is particularly handy if you want to tailor them to your own height and also the tools that you will be working with.

Look for one that you feel most comfortable with. If you can visit your local store and try out a few woodworking benches to see what suits you best. It is important that the bench is not only comfortable for your size but also how you work. This will ensure that you will have a safe and convenient place in order for getting your work done.

But back to my original problem, what I need is simply something to get my work up off the floor and at a reasonable height – and not spend a lot of money doing it. The kind of bench I’m talking about goes together with really simple materials. like 2x4s and wood screws that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes. And this is stuff I might even be able to fit in the back of my hatchback (and save on a delivery charge). Heck, you can even slide 2x4s in the back trunk with some cars (if you have an open panel behind the back seats).

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