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Hay can be used as a supplement too or during winter months when fresh grass & leaves are not available. Feed stores also offer a feed blend for goats that can be given as a dietary supplement but should not be the sole element in their diets. Access to water is essential.

Johnson and Johnson, out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, has issued a recall for their Tylenol Arthritis caplets. The have recalled all product lots of the Arthritis Pain Caplet 100 count bottles with the red EZ-open cap. Only the bottles with the red EZ-open cap are in question.
There are several different size pallets, so you be the judge of which ones will work for you. When you get the pallets home, you would need to use one, or several for its spare lumber. The reason for this is that boards must be fitted across the bottom of each row of wood runners as shown in the video.
Whether it’s mowing your lawn or tilling the dirt, there are battery powered alternatives to gasoline that can do just as good a job. Today’s lithium batteries are far superior to the ones built just a couple of years ago. They have become lighter, stronger and they last longer meaning longer use in between chargers. Grab yourself a solar powered battery charger (or make one if you are handy) and your power tools will never need gas or the grid.
Once your compost bin is about 75% full, start a new one while you allow the materials inside to break down. Depending on the size of your compost bin, what you put in it and whether or not it is enclosed, the composting process can take as little as four weeks.
4 Owning a patio fire pit means you might get a gift from the giant, or not so giant, stores out back, imp source.Almost everyone has seen a pile of wooden pallets for sale out behind or beside a store at some time. Now it is not a good idea to help yourself without asking about them first. Some stores pay a deposit or fee on the pallets. Many places don’t and are looking for a way to rid themselves of the pallets. Take one home cut it up and have an instant fire in the patio fire pit.
Timber pallets are the traditional type of pallet that has been used over the years. However, in more recent times plastic pallets have come into being.
6 Here in Oklahoma we are a target for Mother Nature. Between ice storms and tornadoes there seems to be an endless supply of blown down trees. While these are green wood and need to be dried out, free is free. Now getting this type of wood takes labor and an old pick-up truck, get the kids to help and bring home a load and stack in the backyard for later on patio fire pit evenings.
Compost piles are easy enough to start, provided you have a large enough yard to accomodate one. You can purchase compost bins of all shapes and sizes at big box retailers like Lowes and Home Depot, some garden centers, or you can order one off the internet. If you buy a compost bin, expect to pay from around to 0, depending on size, features and aesthetic appeal. Or you can do as I did, and make your own compost bin for cheap.

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