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Draughts of cold air sneaking in around the windows and doors can significantly lower the temperature of your house. Use draught excluders at the bottom of exterior doors if necessary. Always close your curtains at night. If draughts are a real problem in your house, consider hanging a blanket over windows at night. You can quickly hang them from the curtain rail with clothes pegs, and it will help to keep your room snug.
You want to have a bunker located at the starting position of each team, but other than that the bunker placement is totally up to you. You do not want your field to be too crowded with bunkers, and you should try to space them evenly across the field. Leave enough room to run and have enough space so people can get a good shot.

In Nature, fallen and dead plant and animal material decomposes when bacteria in the air and soil come into contact with it. The nutrients are returned into the next cycle of life. When you make compost, all you are doing is creating a microcosm of that exact process. In other words, you are making dirt!

I’m sure the theory involved rests with the weight of cooler air sinking and the water added to the air being forced into the house having weight, as well. If you have a heat transfer system which takes the heat from inside the building, transports it to the roof and vents the heat to the outside, that theory is valid. Such devices exist but are generally impractical for anything less than a mansion or high rise building.
You want your speedball field to be set up on an open flat location. You don’t want the ground to have holes or anything that anyone could get hurt on. You also want the field to be far enough away from other houses, cars, roads, and other people. And when possible, try and choose a location where you can leave the field setup, so you can play as often as you want.
Yet another purpose of the three bin system is to move the compost from one bin to the next, allowing it to turn. Each bin is for compost at a different stage of decay. And, when the compost makes it to the third bin, it is ready for use.
A proper stage isn’t necessary. You can easily set up just a space to one side of the room, or you can create a raised platform with this hyperlink.Give people a bit more visibility by providing a high stool … though the very drunk won’t be able to make use of it, anyway. If you have a formal stage, then just use that. One of the advantages of the standalone mics is that they permit free movement, so people could even sing at their table if they were so inclined.
The microbes that break down kitchen scraps and garden debris into compost need oxygen to work effectively, so it’s important to mix up your materials now and then for the fastest results.
They have a few courses at Apocalypse. My favorite on is their 39,000 square foot castle field. This is located in the woods and has two guard towers on each corner of the field where people can hide in. There are also bunkers that are placed around the course so watch out for those also. The field also has a six foot deep trench that surrounds the field. The coolest part is the 30 foot tower in the middle that has a perfect view of the whole field from all angles. You have to constantly be on your toes on this course. People can be hiding anywhere and everywhere. It is a good spot to practice strategy. The more players you have the more fun it gets.

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